Monday, November 30, 2009

"dude, my face hurts so bad"

hellz got us kicked out of a bar last night, the full story will follow when i get off work. he also just informed me, at 9:46 a.m. that he is going to get a bottle. man, he rules

Sunday, November 29, 2009

the book ruled but the trailer is fucking epic

I finished reading this book tonight, and it ruled. Super dark, gloomy, and all the things you hope for in a post-apocalyptic story of father and son. I had put off watching any of the trailers for the movie because I didn't want it to effect how I viewed the book. I think the release date on this movie had been pushed back 3 or 4 times. This trailer is fucking epic, looks like they just made the story from the book way more epic and dramatic and a lot more people, which I hope doesn't take away from the story of the father and son. I have heard good things about the movie and hope to seen it soon.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

happy thanksgiving!

July 1, 1998. Frazee, Minnesota. On a hilltop overlooking the western entrance to this peaceful town, members of Frazee's maintenance department are secretly laboring over Big Tom -- the 22-foot-tall beloved civic symbol of this, the Turkey Capital of the World -- working against the clock to get BT shipshape for Frazee's upcoming Turkey Days festival. With a blowtorch.

The turkey installed on September 19, 1998.
Suddenly, calamity!

An errant tongue of superheated flame ignites one of the legs of the highly combustible paper mache gobbler. Within seconds, Big Tom is wrapped in a death mantle of black smoke, its body feeding the insatiable fire like grandma feeding gruel to a Thanksgiving season orphanage. Fire departments from neighboring towns rush in to contain the blaze -- much to the embarrassment of Frazee's maintenance crew -- but it's already too late. All that remains is a pile of unrecognizable slag.

For the first time in a dozen years the Turkey Days festival goes on without Big Tom. His charred pedestal of honor is occupied by a crudely shaped paper mache egg.

But not for long! The cycle of civic symbol life comes full circle on September 19 -- when a new, improved Big Tom arrived in town (on order from F.A.S.T.), once again providing the visual gravy to Frazee's meaty boast.

tellin it like it is

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Awesome Snake!

combining my love for tattoo's and fu man chu's

Major Lazer "Pon De Floor"

Major Lazer "Pon De Floor" from Eric Wareheim on Vimeo.

YouTube argument #1

My friends pointed out to me a pretty heated argument that was happing in a youtube video comment pool. Enjoy peeping tom's part from warfare and the argument that trailed

elmodirka2 (2 weeks ago)
Then don't comment back you idiot. Honestly just quit, you're just coming off as stupid.
bobgnarlysdope (2 weeks ago)
@elmodirka2 wow is dat really u in dat pic? what a fucking faggot u are taking pics with yer shirt off? get the fuck outta here queerbate
elmodirka2 (2 weeks ago)
Right... because you know what I do. You seriously need to grow up man. Just shut the fuck up now.
TheShmeezy (2 weeks ago)
your complaining about him commenting back, by commenting back? good one.
sorry for butting in, that just bothered me.
bobgnarlysdope (2 weeks ago)
@elmodirka2 name one cool skateboarder that takes pictures of them selfs in a mirror with there shirt off?

this is where it gets good

scruffyskates (2 weeks ago)
youloze < - - - - - - notice the internet spelling as well as the lack of spacing words
elmodirka2 (2 weeks ago)
scruffyskates (2 weeks ago)
you reply fast. spend your whole life on the computer?
elmodirka2 (2 weeks ago)
I could say the same to you.
scruffyskates (2 weeks ago)
because i was on the computer for 10 minutes and replied?/
skatefideo (2 weeks ago)
@elmodirka2 hey dude...straight up, u suck.

but it's not done there...

skatefideo (2 weeks ago)
i mean, elmodirka2 is trying to be like sheckler haha
skatefideo (2 weeks ago)
wow u r actually so fucking gay, i like your picture hahahahaha
elmodirka2 (2 weeks ago)
@skatefideo hey dude...straight up, your a fag.

One can only imagine how many of these arguments are on YouTube.

The Muppets cover Queen...

Black Lips "Drugs"

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

little kids are viscous these days

Has anyone else...

...every wondered what triggers a person to engage in an argument via comments on YouTube videos? Leaving a comment is one thing, such as support for the video/song/whatever, but as soon as someone posts a negative comment about how something on there is "gay" or "lame" people on there computers such as, "Punkasskid13431" will return to the same page that they have expressed feelings of negativity towards just to argue with people who will point out various things like their ability to spell or how well they can use acronyms. Maybe it's just me...

welcome to...

Awesome Snake!

new Ben Stiller movie looks like it might be okay

this was a lot funnier that I would have thought

fuck your mind

Wonder Showzen - Horse Apples (full episode)

Sunday, November 22, 2009

tightest gangster ever to get choked out by a female...

slammin spam

Since Ryan is from hawaii, its no secret he loves spam. i went over last week to he could show me what all the hype is about after i told him i've never had it before. despite the fact that it smelled like cat food and was pretty salty, it was actually really good...or should i say crazy tasty?

things got kinda of weird for a second

expensive orange juice and cheap champagne...great combo for breakfast

after the food made it to our plates, we went into the living room and watched mac and dennis break up, it was a great sunday

Saturday, November 21, 2009


"hey man you know what, I dont even know?"

N.A.S.A. - Spacious Thoughts (feat. Tom Waits & Kool Keith)

damn walken is looking old

James Cameron

Perhaps the most comically brilliant interview of the month will come sandwiched between naked ladies as a lengthy chat with James Cameron will be featured in December's issue of Playboy. While we don't have the actual interview for you to read, Playboy sent over a whole batch of quotes that were just too good to resist. Based on the quotes, it would appear the interview covers everything from Cameron's directorial approach to his inspiration (Star Wars) to his personal life (married five times) to his films to Christian Bale's famous on-set tirade ("Man, I have to take my hat off to this guy. I could not pull a rant like that if I had to.' I mean, I can get on a roll but not like that. I just had to bow down.").

And speaking of his films, Cameron was quite candid when Titanic came up, admitting there was only one reason why he wanted to make that film and it wasn't to get Kate Winslet topless. "I made Titanic because I wanted to dive to a shipwreck, not because I particularly wanted to make the movie...Titanic was about 'f*ck you' money," he said. And on Kate Winslet almost dying while filming: "[On the set of Titanic] we simply let Kate [Winslet] think she was nearly drowning. A little sputtering and coughing does not count in my book, because I have almost drowned several times...Anybody who signs on [with me] is going to be tested." Right on! James Cameron: The director who will let you think you're dying in order to get the best performance!

Check out a few more choice Cameron quotes after the jump (like why you'll never see him on Twitter), and you can read the entire interview in the December issue of Playboy, which hits newstands and online on November 13th.

On his shortcomings as a director: "The part of directing I wasn't good at – and probably still am not the best at, although I'm better now – is the personal touch: letting people know you appreciate what they're doing."

On the impact Star Wars had on his career: "My entrée into Hollywood came as a direct result of Star Wars because George Lucas suddenly made science fiction gold instead of a ghettoized B-movie genre. When most people saw Star Wars there was the shock of the new. For me there was the shock of recognition, as if somebody had taken my private dream and put it up on the screen...I took Star Wars as a sign that what I had to offer was something people wanted."

On Kate Winslet versus Leo DiCaprio: "I'd certainly work with her again; she's very talented. Whereas Leo DiCaprio switches his acting on and off like a faucet, Kate's acting process is to internalize all this stuff and use it."

On reactions to the prescreening of Avatar: "We know from the exit polling that the response was 95 percent ecstatic. Most of the five percent negative response is from the fanatic fans who imagined the movie in their minds but now have to deal with my movie."

On Zoe Saldana: "Let's be clear. There is a classification above hot, which is 'smoking hot.' She is smoking hot...[Guys] will have actual lust for a character that consists of pixels of ones and zeros."

On plotting to top Avatar in the future: "I haven't decided. I always say that when a woman is in the midst of childbirth, don't ask her if she wants another child. I'm crowning right now."

On his 25th high school reunion: "If you ever go to a 25th high school reunion, make sure that in the previous two months you've made the world's highest-grossing movie, won 11 Academy Awards and become physically bigger than most of those guys who used to beat you up. I walked up to them one by one and said, 'You know, I could take your ass right now, and I'm tempted, but I won't.' Actually, they were all nice guys except for one who was still big and mean. I left him alone."

On his parents: "They were pretty much against everything. I can't think of anything my dad was for except hockey. He used to throw my comics and science-fiction books in the trash because he considered them mental junk...He treated science fiction as if it was porn."

On technology that eludes him: "On Twitter, a tweet has to be less than, what, 25 words? There isn't one concept I would be interested in discussing with anyone that could be summed up in 25 words or fewer. I'm totally not into Facebook or Twitter, so that makes me a dinosaur right there."

mullets for jesus

Awesome Snake!

the evolution of the superhero movie

Friday, November 20, 2009

i wish i had this cd three months ago

A self-titled cd by Real Estate. This would have been perfect for all the warm nights spent on the patio not worrying about the noise complaint that was going to show up in the mail the next day. Go ahead and enjoy the song.

as perfect as a human can get

the best of the best

the best coffee in the morning

it has to be the spices in it or some shit cos' this coffee is the best thing to have in the morning...hands down