Thursday, April 21, 2011

The slam that started it all...

I have a piece of his tooth that I'm trying to make into a necklace
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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Play Dead

Gonzo Calling



Melancholia from Zentropa on Vimeo.

Darren Bousman on “The Stuff”

Nas in the Shadows

I want to believe

fan made Donnie Darko trailer

Monday, April 4, 2011

Panda Bear - Tomboy full stream

Stream the entire new album by Animal Collective member, Panda Bear on the NPR website.
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Friday, April 1, 2011

The Jud at his finest

Daniel Gregory- its hard to believe at one time you could have actually been sweet and innocent

Tuesday at 4:18pm ·That's So Raven Schultz -ha awe ness i wish! maybe we should have an open mic night at macys? i mean, ill be there all week anyway. and daniel, i still can be sweet just not to assholes like you. did i hear you yell at me out of that hideous thing you still drive today?

Wednesday at 10:58pm Daniel Gregory -oh was that you working on the corner? no i wasnt yelling at you out of my car wtf? and just because mommy and daddy bought you a car because you had a meth problem when you lived in oregon dont get to cocky about your new car : ) and im only an asshole cuz ur a bitch : ) : )

Yesterday at 8:18am ·Vanessa Amande' Steven Shipley- Wow dude, ur real cool. . . Your like at a level 9.5 lame right now, if I were u id drop down a couple notches to not further embarrass ur self.

Yesterday at 11:18am ·Vanessa Amande' Steven Shipley -I had to re check that the name was daniel and not danielle....cuz that was such a dramatic girl move.

Yesterday at 11:20am · That's So Raven Schultz- i love you nessaaa

11 hours ago · Daniel Gregory- you should probably give back that white baby in your picture.. or at least tell the father its not his.

8 hours ago ·Vanessa Amande' Steven Shipley -im sorry i didnt get ur joke , on account of, im white and hes white and the babys white so wheres the joke in ur story? ur so lame kidd....give it up about u do us all a favor and delete ur facebook...people 15 and under arent aloud to have one ANYways so.

24 minutes ago · Daniel Gregory- you should have bloodwork done because im pretty sure youre not white you look like a chola

22 minutes ago · Vanessa Amande' Steven Shipley -lmao wow. u must be colored blind and not living in 2011...all us white girls are tanned now kidd...u must be into guys to not have noticed. its called Lades First, gym slash tanning salon..they have a special right now for 20 down 19 a month...its normally only ladies but...but im sure ur faggot ass would pass for 1.

19 minutes ago ·Daniel Gregory- im sorry you arent happy with the way you look so u have to cook your skin and wear make up like a clown... and i actually am gay. As a matter of fact ravens sister is lesbian so she might be offended by your comment.. so much for trying to be a good friend.. dumbass.

I know what I'll be doing all weekend